Affiliate Marketing is one of the key foundations of Performance Marketing and we can offer you a variety of models to match your specific needs. ReklamStore Affiliate manages a powerful affiliate network, creating a platform from which advertisers, publishers, and agencies can benefit.

What Is?

How Does The System Work?

Affiliate marketing is a win win model where all parties win when advertiser set goals like leads, sales, installs or views are achieved. Publishers can use the following methods to get results from campaigns:

  • Product-specific new promotional content sites
  • Introducing your product via social media
  • Adwords, Facebook and banner ads
  • Allowed email marketing
  • Incentive applications

What Is?

What Are The Advantages?

Result Oriented
Since only the specified action charged when it happens, publishers use all their experience and creativity to get results.

High Performance
The products and services are identified with the most appropriate target group, the results are optimized with the experience of ReklamStore.

Minimum Risk
There is no losing side in performance-based advertising because there is no cost as long as the goal is not realized.

High Gain
Publishers who can tell the right content to the right audience get much higher profits than traditional advertising models like CPC or CPM.