Affiliate marketing is a system where an online business rewards publishers through an affiliate network for bringing them new customers. Affiliate marketing is a win win model where all parties win when advertiser set goals like leads, sales, installs or views are achieved. It is preferred by more and more advertisers everyday because it is truely result oriented and it minimizes advertisement investment risk.

  • Lead offers 

    Lead offers are offers where advertiser pays for each new lead. The offer can be set as Single Optin or Double Optin depending on advertiser's specific needs. It is usually named as CPL (Cost Per Lead).

  • Sales Offers 

    Sales offers are offers where advertiser pays a commision for each sale completed. It is usually named as CPS (Cost Per Sale).

  • Install Offers

    Install offers are offers where advertiser pays per download or install of a software or application. It is usually named as CPI (Cost Per Install).

  • View offers 

    View offers are offers where advertiser pays per each viewed video. It is usually named as CPV (Cost Per View).


  • Result Oriented

    Publishers use all their creativity to achieve the most effective results since they only get paid when they achieve targeted results.

  • High Performance

    Once the target audience is defined, results get optimized and perfomance increases.

  • Minimum Risk

    In affiliate marketing there is no payment when there is no results. So advertisers never risk a penny of their advertisement budget.

  • High Earnings

    Publishers who can advertise the products to correct audiences in the best way earn much more than traditional advertisement methods like CPM & CPC.

    How It Is Done?

  • Publishers use some of the below methods according to Advertiser permissions.

  • New product promotion pages with unique content

  • Product promotion through social media

  • Adwords, Facebook and banner advertisements

  • Authorized e-mail marketing

  • Incentive applications